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:: Polaroid SX-70 Alpha Model 2 [since February 2006]

Bought on e-Bay, it is in my light opinion one of the most attractive photographic object to handle, as each pic you get by it it's unique and not reproducible (though it's very expensive).
Instant camera photography is supported by several on-line communities, and the one of the most famous is You can also buy cameras and films on
:: Nikon D70 [since November 2005]

My first (and unique, at the moment) digital camera. I bougth it used, after claiming for long time that photography, in my light opinion, is a chemical issue. I suppose it would not be appropriate reporting on my photoblog (digital by its nature) my still-alive unsimphatetic feelings for digital photograpy.
:: Nikon F80 [since September 2004]

This was my first "my own camera", bought new with a Sigma 28-105 f2.8-4 instead of the default kit lens. A very good tool, although at the beginning I felt unconfortable with the new electronic controls instead of the mechanical gears on the lens of my previous cameras. I also bought for this body a Sigma 70-300 f4-5,6 (with macro function).
:: Lomo Minitar LC-A [since July 2004]

It's a small camera, with a four position focus and aperture priority selector. The lens is usually imprecise, adding vignette and saturating colors by its nature. Thought it sounds to be an awful photography tool, images coming from this camera are usually very weird and moody. Lomo-style is widely supported by thousands of adepts, with a huge on-line community at the address, headed by the International Lomographic Society. I don't want to discuss where (and if) lomography has anything to do with photography, but I deeply agree with it's ideas.
:: Canon AT-1 [since February 2003]

I bought this camera from a friend of mine, after that my beloved Miranda'shutter had decided it was too old to do such a precise work. The greatest part of the b/w analogic I made have been taken with this camera, with a 50mm f1.8 Canon lens plus an additional Tokina 200m f3.5 tele.
:: Miranda Sensorex [since the beginning...]
My first beloved camera, owned by my father before becoming mine, when I was about twenty. It had a wonderful 50mm f/1.4, one of the best lens I've ever seen. It has more or less my same age, and it's shutter stopped to work fine several years ago.