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Some hints about the author

I'm not very comfortable speaking about myself, but we are in the about section, so I'll have to invent something.

Born in 1976, somewhere in Italy, at dinner time, more or less. I'm presently living in Rome. My first camera was a twenty-year old (and more than 1kg-heavy) Miranda and I do still prefer b/w photos printed on high-contrast paper so, please, don't ask me why I've set up a photoblog.

I apologize if my english shall be incorrect sometime, and I hope someone will be so kind to explain me what "light opinion" means. Meantime I'll try to show you which my light opinion is.

And, yes, in the upper-left corner, that's my handwriting. Welcome on board.




About this Photoblog

Yet another photoblog. After several years of taking shots and spending a part of my free-time (and several money) in playing with films, paper and chemicals, I've decided to set up this little project to show some pieces of my work. I hope this will be a good way to share my passion with other people, so any comment will be very appreciated.

I'd like to upload a new shot everyday, but I already know that I won't be able to keep this promise. I'll try to be patient with myself, anyway.

Is it possible to buy prints from Light-Opinion.com?

Well, at the moment I'm not planning (yet) to sell prints, just because I think this photoblog has been just started and there's not so much material. Anyway, if you wish to buy a printed image from Light-Opinion.com feel free to contact me, I'll be glad to help you.


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